Top Ten Restaurants in Liberty

"There's No Taste Like Home."

Liberty's Best Restaurants

I'm always amused by the food we eat here in North Carolina. I'm reminded by that fact each time my relatives from California come to visit. We don't sleep in till 10 AM here and we don't skip breakfast. Here in North Carolina, we pledge allegiance to our sausage biscuit every morning like some sort of patriotic salute to the pigs who died in honor of breakfast. Slap it between a flaky buttermilk biscuit, pour me a huge glass of sweet tea and drop some hash browns in the deep fryer. This is how the East Coast does breakfast.

1- Maria's Famous Pizza and Subs
It used to be Liberty's only pizza shop, but it has evolved to be the best. Honestly though, what amazes me at Maria's is their Greek food. Yes, shwarma meat, gyros, and Greek salads delivered to your door. The most popular thing on their menu however is their Philly steak and cheese and lasagna. Order a Deluxe, and ask for extra cheese. You won't regret one bite of it.

Website & Menu (Offers Delivery)
537 S Greensboro St, Liberty NC 27298
(336) 622-2000

2- Kidd's Drive-In
A cheeseburger from Kidd's is like a crack-sandwich. There's no possible way of describing this delicacy. Kidd's is not fine-dining, it's old-school fast food, and no where on this earth can you get a chili-cheeseburger like Kidd's. They're notoriously simple cheeseburgers, that are completely cheap, and addicting. You can't live here without loving Kidd's: it's as they say, an institution.

171 S Greensboro St Liberty, NC 27298
Online Menu

3- Capri's Pizza (delivery)
I really debated Capri's being at number 3, because their quality has wavered back and forth the last few years. However, when they get it right, they get it right. Great, old-fashioned New York style pizza and steak and cheese subs, that are distinctly better than the processed Pizza Hut in town. Some of my favorites are the Extra Special Steak and Cheese, their Chef Salad, and their Capri's Special Pizza.

235 W Swannanoa Ave, Liberty, NC 27298
Online Menu

4- China House Restaurant
China House puts out some really great Americanized Chinese food. The typical recipes are all there, and the proportions are generous. Fancy some Wonton soup (broth with dumplings in it) on a cold winters day? How about some deep-fried egg-rolls? My favorites are the Shrimp Lo-Mein (noodles and shrimp) or the Sesame Chicken. It's always delicious, and it's always filling. 
Online Menu
252 Liberty Plaza, Liberty NC 27298
(336) 622-1518

5- Captain Tom's
The defacto local seafood restaurant, Captain Tom's is typical surf and turf with large proportions. It's carb overload with their breaded fish, hush-puppies, and baked potatoes. A nice take-out window, and specials every night make it a surprisingly fun family meal at home, or a good night out in the cow pastures of Staley. I'd recommend the popcorn shrimp special, and unlimited sweet tea.

320 Browns Crossroads Rd, Staley, NC 27355

6- Hurricane Jane's
The upstart against Kidd's has produced a wildly-fun alternative. Giant cheeseburgers, made the way you like it, music and beer, all make Jane's the center of fun and food in town. This is great, greasy, soul-food that you can take home and get dirty with. Crawl up to an action flick while chili runs down your chin, or go in and hang out in Liberty's underground, bohemian, paradise. My recommendation: a double cheeseburger with mustard, chili, lettuce, tomato, and pickles... and a side of chili-cheese fries. 
 Online Menu
161 S Greensboro St, Liberty NC 27298

7- Shell Gas Station (breakfast)
This may sound completely bizarre to have a gas station as one of the top restaurants in Liberty, but the Shell gas station on NC-49 sells some of the best homemade biscuits you will find around. In fact it's the only decent breakfast place in Liberty short of Quick Check's breakfast burritos (and even then I have to supply my own hot-sauce). It's real bacon, real farm sausage, on homemade biscuits. They're really great, and the place is always busy. My favorite is their sausage, egg and cheese.
4994 N Carolina 49, Staley, NC

8- Main Street Grill
As far as quality goes, Main Street Grill in Staley puts out the best in town. Proportions aren't as large as the previously mentioned competition, but the handmade baked goods sold on the side are enough to convince me that meals should not consist of only chili burgers. It's the best restaurant in Staley (technically the only one within the town limits), and considering the food is great, and convenient, it's well worth a the three minute drive for some hunk-a-hunk-a-good-eating.

126 Main St, Staley NC 27355
(336) 622-1306

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Pizza Hut

436 W. Swannanoa Ave.
Liberty, NC 27298
(336) 622-3961
Online Ordering 

Handy Mart Hot Dogs

204 North Greensboro Street
Liberty, NC 27298
(336) 622-9906 

Off The Vine

124 W Swannanoa Ave
(336) 795-0070

Subway Sandwiches & Salads

210 Liberty Plaza
(336) 622-7827

Dogwood Bistro (Closed)

776 S Greensboro St

Liberty, NC 27298
(336) 795-1021


516 N Greensboro St
Liberty, NC 27298
(336) 622-4208

Y'all Come Back Cafe

 Online Menu (PDF)
119 South Fayetteville Street
Liberty, NC 27298
(336) 622-2984

Quik Chek's Hot Stuff Pizza

402 West Swannanoa Ave
(336) 622-4032

Basil Asian Fusion

718 S Greensboro St
Liberty, NC 27298
(336) 622-8272

Beaver Creek BBQ
516 N Greensboro Street
(336) 622-4208


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