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Sir Pizza - It's Crack for Rednecks!

Clearly only a pizza for royalty. So I've been debating writing this for sometime because I suspect based on what I'm about to say; those of you who haven't had Sir Pizza will shrug your shoulders and write it off. After all, it's not really pizza in any traditional sense of the word. The pepperoni is square, the crust is non-traditional, and it's contrary to all the hip and cool pizza bistros these days, where they pile on exotic vegetables on your pizza. At Sir Pizza the veggies are square chopped up bits and they match the tic-tac-toe board of slices. I mean from the pictures, and the description I'm giving you, you could almost classify it as frozen pizza... but it's not. There's something magical about Sir Pizza's pizza, something that separates it from normal pizza. In fact if I were craving a normal pizza, I wouldn't want that.... but this... this is almost a food group of its own. It's one of those mad unique flavors that you coul