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The Liberty Antiques Festival (or the worlds largest garage sale)

Another thing to ♥ about living in the Piedmont Triad is the Liberty Antiques Festival which is going on right now. Tickets are $7 a person, with children and parking free! The Liberty Antiques Festival is a bi-annual celebration of buying and selling classic goods. It's like a giant recycling program for f urniture, paintings, as well as: pottery, glass, clocks, dolls, toys, military items, jewelry, folk art, and much more! There's even food at this festival some call the World's Largest Garage Sale. For these few days, the population of Liberty grows by 10 times, with more than 10,000 antique lovers from twenty five states, descending upon the 100 acre fields of Pike Farm just outside Liberty, NC. Started in 1991 by Vito Sico, Mary Ellen, and Janet Hill better known as JanMar Promotions developed the Liberty Antiques' Festival into a national event that was recently voted best antiques show in the mid-Atlantic region. Liberty Antiques Festival offers