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Mexican Food at Taqueria Merino's

I've mentioned another Siler City taco stand here before. It's a shame Liberty doesn't have its own Mexican restaurant, as it leaves us culturally bankrupt without one. I suspect it isn't too long before one arrives, but till then I often swing by Taqueria Merino's on North Second Street in Siler City (about 10 miles from Liberty). For $16 you can grab a pineapple drink from Mexico and two orders of three tacos made from amazing carna asada and topped with onions, cilantro, and lime. Even better is they bring huge bottles of their red and green salsas to the table to drown the tacos in. I like a lot of sauce, and this my friends is sauce heaven!

I suppose this brings me back to my original statement. America  (The U.S. part) in general, especially southern U.S. would be culturally bankrupt without immigrants and their food, especially Mexicans. There's no French restaurant in Randolph county, no European bakery, but we do have the honor of having an influx of Me…