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Everything Under The Bun | Asheboro

So the other day, I had the opportunity to visit Everything Under The Bun in Asheboro. It's near the Zoo (It's actually on the Zoo Parkway.) in the corner location of strip mall.  I've read the newspaper reviews, and I thought I'd give it a try. It's an interesting concept: gourmet burgers, served fast food style, in a southern cafe. They even have a Burger Challenge (see below) in which those who wish to bring glory (or dishonor) to themselves (or too poor to afford dinner) and can down a three-pound cheeseburger, fries and drink are rewarded with a free meal. Lose and you're out $22.

     I opted for the slightly less debilitating lunch, a bleu cheese, bacon cheeseburger. Perhaps it's just because I like saying "bleu" (blewww") with my nose in the air. The teenage waitress looked back at me disgruntled. We were the only family in the entire restaurant. While the service was adequate and nice, the "you-not-from-around-here" look, wh…

Captain Tom's Seafood

Let's just say visitors tend to look at you weird when you take them to dinner in a cow pasture. It's absolutely astonishing that anyone can even find Captain Tom's Seafood restaurant considering it's literally in the middle of nowhere, yet, people do. Like the defunct Fran's Front Porch, Captain Tom's has managed a business strategy which should have doomed them from the beginning, but ultimately has led to their success. I suppose it proves, if the food and service are good enough, it doesn't matter where your restaurant is. Of course it's always a nice country drive if you're used to urban living, to this maritime themed eating experience.  It's an oasis of seafood and Italian food, land locked in Staley, North Carolina.

I've been going there for years. Captain Tom's is only about five miles from my door-step, and I've never had anything bad there. While the seafood is typical of the region, there are several high points to be made…

The Flying Pig | Asheboro - "Lets do the time warp!"

Just down the road in Asheboro, is The Flying Pig. I'm not sure what is with local restaurants and their fascination with pig decor, and themes, but it's apparent to me- it's these establishments that normally have the good food. Just do not, if you're a waitress, attempt to put a pig hat on my head and sing "Ziggy Piggy" while delivering my food.

Asheboro, has been ever growing its social scene since the recent legalization of alcohol. The Flying Pig has been the most prominent poster child of this movement. Known for their pizza and beer (where does the pig come in?), there's always a wait, and the place is loud and rowdy. The music is of years gone by, and the vintage video games keep kids begging for quarters, reminiscent of my childhood from the eighties. Yes, that's it. The Flying Pig is the defacto 80's pizza place. It may have taken Asheboro 25 years to get one, but they've arrived.

The question is why is this so popular? Well, the pizza…