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Artisan Hub

You'd be in disbelief if I told you there was an avant-garde styled restaurant, serving up some of the best food I've ever had, in Liberty. Not just the best in town, or county, but what might be the best diner in the entire state, perhaps only rivaling La Farm of Cary. And you would be right, because there isn't one. Even though we have some great places, nothing in Liberty comes close. However, Artisan Hub is only twenty minutes away in Downtown Siler City. Artisan Hub describes the atmosphere as a "Down home feel with a new age flair." And I can't agree more. The chefs were kind, and willing to go that extra mile. At no point did I feel embarrassed or imposing to ask a question or for help. It helps that there is a lack of a crowd; turning it into a quiet, relaxing hideaway, that many people don't know of. Now onto the food.  Words alone cannot describe how good this meal was. Everything had been seasoned to work in a robust ma