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Great Taco Stand | Tienda La Posadita

Tacos, Cerveza, and some Mexican sweet bread- this is why we love Tienda La Posadita Unfortunately, there is no taco stand in Liberty. For awhile we maintained a Mexican restaurant, but the true Taqueria (taco shop) is generally less formal than the Americanized sit-down Mexican restaurant. They're becoming super popular in major cities, breaching the culture divide, as locals expand there palettes for a couple of spicy tacos at lunch. Most taquerias either sell their tacos by an order of 3 or 5, or individually. Just down the road in Siler City at Posadita Taqueria, they sell them individually for $1.79 each. Order at the window on the left as you walk in: "tres tacos asada por favor!" (Three steak tacos please.), and have a seat in their tiny dining area. They also do them to-go , as take-away. There's also a full meat market, and grocery store there if you'd like to try something at home. I love travelling around to different taquerias, mainly because each has