About Liberty, NC

WELCOME • BIENVENUExplore. Dream. Discover.

Picture Perfect: Offering unrivaled possibilities with pristine skies and acres of beautiful parks.

A Nice Place To Live: From the rolling hills, to the euphoric views, our warm Atlantic climate and wonderful quality of life are just a few of the many reasons to call Liberty home.

Time and Again: Amazing stories, historic architecture, and a rich heritage offers unbridled memories to both residents and visitors.
Together we enjoy our quiet, relaxing neighborhoods surrounded by the history that precedes us. We enjoy the international flavors of Italian, Chinese and other ethnic restaurants built upon the town steeped in the history of America.

Where is home? What draws us to a particular place in this world? Like a beacon in our soul, Liberty beckons those who have searched for the same with a sense of belonging. Together we are a diverse community of individuals with hopes and dreams building a community together. From our local artisans to our blue collar workers, we are a culturally rich explosion of citizens from all over the world who have be drawn to the charming township of Liberty, North Carolina.

Nestled in the heart of the state, Liberty, is perhaps the state's most historical town with its century old, story-book neighborhoods nestled under the southern skyline of a picturesque townscape. Here the horizons sing. Preserved in time, our history and its past guide our journey into the future. The heritage and traditions of yesterday combined with the technology and innovation of tomorrow, have established us as progressive community that has never forgotten its heart.
Where does your destiny lead you? Have you been searching for that interesting place to visit? A thriving area to run your business? Perhaps just a quiet, relaxing village to retire in? No matter what you're looking for the answer is here.

Discover Liberty and discover your destiny in North Carolina.


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