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Do You Support the Mega-Site in Liberty?

Interesting conversation going on Facebook over the megasite proposal. (Join in!)

Overall, the mega-site is a good idea. It brings jobs, it secures the future of the town and its youth. However, it must be something that adds to people's lives. This requires a strong incentive package to garner public support from the developers to the people of the area. These sweetners need to include public transport infrastructure (buses), guarantee of a minimum wage above ten dollars an hour for even the janitorial staff. Commitments to town infrastructure, like new libraries and parks. To simply accept the destruction of natural resources, without an investment in community is exploitation. However, I'm certain our local government is fighting for these key concerns with regards to this project.

One notable thing that was posted in the group was Liberty's academic profile.  In Liberty, a mere 200 people have a college bachelor's degree, and only about 50 people have master's…