Main Street Grill - Best Restaurant in Town

If you don't see the red shack, take it back!

Perhaps you've done it, you've driven by a place a million times but have never stopped in. For some reason, it's always these restaurants that turn out to be the best, and you end up regretting not stopping earlier. I refused to let Main Street Grill in Staley be one of those places.

This is one delicious, cheese burger.
It's one of those places where pre-conceptions go right out the windows, and you love every bit of the place. I love the location, the New-York style eating ledge, the friendly services, but most of all the food. I grabbed a double chili burger with crinkle cut fries for around $6, and fell in love with it. Do I dare say that this burger is better than Kidd's or Jane's? Well, let me say this, to be completely honest, I think Kidd's puts drugs in their burgers. Kidd's is an absolute addiction of unique flavors which will always call my name. Jane's puts out a nice hearty burger with a great atmosphere, but if I'm to be truly honest, and I disregard my Kidd's crack addiction, I'd say Main Street Grill has the best burger in town. Technically it's not in Liberty, it's in Staley, so they're not only the best restaurant in town, they're the ONLY restaurant in town (Captain Tom's is outside the city limits.).

If it wasn't for Main Street Grill, Staley wouldn't have a downtown.
Biggest downside of Gwynn and Sammy's Main Street Grill is the lack of taking credit cards, something that seems a bit out of place since services like Square now allow business to take credit cards over cell phones with no upstart cost (not a plug, I'm just saying [Kidd's is guilty too]). That's okay, I'll hit the ATM- but you have to do so in Liberty, because Staley is a barren place. Needless to say, there's plenty of truck parking and I adore the fact they have picnic tables outside for you to eat on. I was particularly impressed by the Churchill quote on the wall. Anyone who loves Winston Churchill is okay in my book.

But how could you not love Gwendolyn Mcintosh, a woman that donates her tips and the sales of her baked goods to charity. For over twenty years, her self-described "gifts" of baking has helped those in need. Drop by for a biscuit in the morning, leave a tip in the cup, and help the community.  Now that's a rewarding meal.

Even better is the fact you can pick-up a slice of home-made pound-cake or deep-fried apple pie for dessert. It's cheap, it's delicious, and it's my new favorite hang-out.  Don't hesitate to go there now (Open till 3PM), because you'll be treated to the most delicious, ooey-gooey chili cheese burger you can find in town. If you're not careful it too could become an addiction.


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