Capri's Pizza Legendary Stuffed Pizza

Capri's Pizza, Liberty NC
I've traveled around the world, been to Europe and eaten a lot of great food, but when I come home to Liberty and want to order pizza I'm so lucky to live in Liberty, North Carolina and be able to walk downtown to pickup their legendary stuffed pizza. It's almost as good as being in Rome.

Stuffed crust at Capri's Pizza
If you're not familiar with their stuffed crust pizza, you may be scratching your head in confusion and dismay, but let me digress from my usual professional self for a moment and explain. It's not a deep-dish like Chicago, nor is it anything like a Stromboli. It's like a regular pizza with a double crust lid, but oh so much more. Capri's takes their own hand-made pizza dough and inserts their famous zingy sauce, stuffs it with pepperoni, Jersey deli sausage, ham and ricotta cheese. That's right, ricotta! It's all baked to perfection where the innards combine to form a lasagna like consistency, meat filled, gooey greatness, then they douse the lid of the thing with olive oil, butter, and Parmesan cheese. It's like pizza, bread sticks, and a fancy Italian type dinner all in one pizza.... and it's out of this world.

It will cost you about $20 for the pie, but comparatively speaking this pizza is on a whole new level. While their traditional pizzas are a far more similar to other pizzerias, their stuffed pizza is one of a kind just like Liberty.

Capri's Pizza
235 W Swannanoa Ave
Liberty, NC 27298
(336) 622-6900


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