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Friday, January 15, 2016

Liberty Wal-Mart : Closing?

Scrambled, fried, smothered and covered.... having a Wal-Mart does have it's perks.

What hours should you indulge in Captain Crunch and Milk?
If you haven't heard yet, Walmart now follows on the heels of Tesco in America as they exit the express store arena. Now, Liberty's Walmart is closing its doors.

What does this mean for the town? Well for one it means Food Lion is now the only grocery store in town, so prices are likely to increase.

West Liberty will continue to be a food desert and the Wal Mart will likely be an abandoned building that may become an eyesore.

I'm not exactly sure what Walmart's plans are. It's hard for me to believe they're going to abandon their property investment completely. Let's hope another competitor can come in and fill the needs of the town of Liberty.

In general, the food retail business is hurting and Walmart has been suffering for sometime. Overseas it's no different. What is happening in the U.K. is that companies like Lidl and Aldi are filling the gap between the larger luxury grocers. Where often food is sold from pallets or tables, shipped in from all over the continent. The Walmart express property would be ideal for an Aldi type grocer, however, it's hard for me to believe this town has enough customers to support the business.

So this is where our local government comes in. This is where our leaders go and put together an incentives package to attract back a second grocer. Why? So we don't allow West Liberty to become an abandoned food desert, so we continue to offer jobs and so we always have the safety of living in a town that isn't just one store away from having nothing at all (because Food Lion isn't doing so hot either). Because when that happens, we will no longer be a town, but an antiquated relic of a bygone era where people used to live.