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Liberty, a little on the trashy side.

You may remember the song by Jerry Walker called Trashy Women. The 1989 country hit gets stuck in my head every time we take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood. Littering seems to be a popular past-time in my neighborhood. While there are many bottles and wrappers from private citizens, the Town itself seems to be contributing to the problem. Here's how I became interested in it. About a month ago I threw out my daughter's old television. A standard 19" television from several decades ago. I stuck it out by the street, even checking the town website to be sure it would be picked up quickly. To quote their website: It is, and has been, a practice for your Public Works Department to pickup residential rubbish that will not fit into your Blue container [sic] when it is placed at the curb on Tuesdays.   Except that's not true. A few doors down from my property has sat two larger televisions on public domain (near the roadside) which have not been picked

So this website (yes, the one you're reading) has been around longer than the town's website by several years. When the town created the website under David Oles (former town manager) I assume they did so, because of this website. When that happened, I was excited to see that they joined the technological age (despite being a bit late), though I was confused why they would choose to copy and paste my work rather than simply ask me to help (I would have). Imitation is flattery, you know, right? That said, I don't really mind it, nor did I mind the recent Liberty newspaper which again copy and pasted all my work for publishing. This site has always been a service to the community, a conduit to motivate, influence, and inspire. I really couldn't care who gets credit for the idea, as long as people listen and change happens. However, Liberty seems to get bitten and taken advantage of a lot. While I will say the new website is several magnitudes of better