Captain Tom's Seafood

No rum? What?
Let's just say visitors tend to look at you weird when you take them to dinner in a cow pasture. It's absolutely astonishing that anyone can even find Captain Tom's Seafood restaurant considering it's literally in the middle of nowhere, yet, people do. Like the defunct Fran's Front Porch, Captain Tom's has managed a business strategy which should have doomed them from the beginning, but ultimately has led to their success. I suppose it proves, if the food and service are good enough, it doesn't matter where your restaurant is. Of course it's always a nice country drive if you're used to urban living, to this maritime themed eating experience.  It's an oasis of seafood and Italian food, land locked in Staley, North Carolina.

A large shrimp platter, but no rum.
I've been going there for years. Captain Tom's is only about five miles from my door-step, and I've never had anything bad there. While the seafood is typical of the region, there are several high points to be made about the place, which make it an enduring classic. First their home-made ranch dressing is fabulous, and their steaks are absolute perfection. The wait-staff, which seems to be the career choice of ex-Eastern Randolph cheerleaders, are always kind, sweet, beautiful and are always willing to go that extra mile. The question is who is Captain Tom?

Steak, sweet-tea, but no rum.
This brings us to the larger question, how do you name your fish restaurant? There's tons of Captain Toms,  a gaggle of Mayflowers. Where did it all come from. While there's been many real Captain Toms, like that of the Andrea Gail, I suspect the name is a play upon the famous book Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, and its folk tale like popularity in the United States. Personally I've always had a preference for the name Poseidon, the Greek God of the sea, so if Captain Tom ever wishes to make a name change, I'll back that one.

Bottom line, Captain Toms is good food, good people, and uniquely located somewhere close to nowhere. Every time you go it's like setting out to sea, and finding yourself miles from home, stranded out on a deserted island with a dozen of your best friends and a deep-fryer. The only caveat? No rum.


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