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Jordan Lake | Cheap Swimming

I realize this isn't Lake Lure, but it sure makes me think of Dirty Dancing Spent the early afternoon at Jordan Lake  (near Cary, NC), and it's AWESOME! At only six dollar a car load, it's a killer deal to go swimming and/or have a cookout. Of course I could stop thinking about how just a few months back, Greensboro was defiant about state law and water run-off and sending pollutants in the Triangle's water supply, Jordan Lake. When I watch Greensboro politicians suggest business was more important than environment, I wanted to reach through the screen and strangle them. Business is never more important than nature. That said, it's amazing fun. We swam and swam, and when it began to rain- we stayed swimming while everyone abandoned the beach. This of course makes no sense to me, as you're already in the water. It did prove to very fun to have an entire lake to ourselves for more than a half hour. About then a storm rolled through with tornadic winds, a