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Why restaurants fail.

The Dogwood Bistro closes it's doors according to the Liberty Leader on Facebook. The comments offer numerous reasons such as a socio-economic disparity among town residents, the restaurant's service or its location. Interestingly, businesses must fail as they're a part of the engine of economic growth. People invest money, shut down and someone else comes in and repeats the process. The building that Dogwood resided in seems to be cursed with such a phenomenon. It doesn't help that the location is somewhat obscure. Which get's me to the core of the problem, why restaurants fail here in Liberty. There's no single reason. Surely, a profitable restaurant that stays in business is ideally more preferred to the constant life-cycle of the restaurant entrepreneur. That said, a lot of people open restaurants who don't have the skills to do so. Now, I never visited Dogwood. In fact, I've been in Europe for the last year, so the food may have been brillant.