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Rufus Burger - Goldston, NC

Party On at Rufus's Restaurant in Goldston, NC Certain southern names conjure up some rather peculiar thoughts in my head. For instance, the name Rufus. My American tendencies recall Rufus from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, and a time travelling comedian played by George Carlin who said "life's worth losing", and admitted to eating "fast-food in the slow lane". Such is my life these days, looking for adventure among the pastures and farm-lands of Randolph and Chatham county. I've been spreading out, and discovering a very important fact about this area: that this place is ground zero for the best burgers in the country. Whether it's Kidd's  or Jane's in Liberty, Johnson's (still my top pick), or Chris's in Siler City, or now one of my new favorites: Rufus's, they all put out one darn fine southern style burger. Today we drove about 25 miles south of Liberty (on 421)  to a town called Goldston, which if you can ima