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Liberty, a Ten Minute Town?

Traffic through the city is placed underground. Recently I had the wonderful opportunity to visit and live in a small city in Belgium called Louvain La Neuve . There I witnessed a presentation by the visitors' bureau on the design and development of the town. It's truly a remarkable city, idyllic in many ways and likely a perfect example with which small towns with strong community connections should consider as they move forward with design. The most remarkable part of Louvain La Neuve is their rejection of sprawl. In fact, the entire city was designed so that the core business area was within a ten minute walk from most residential areas. I loved this idea and felt a town like Liberty should consider such a vision. They explained that from the original design, most people are willing to walk instead of drive if its under ten minutes, so government visionaries designed the city around this idea. When companies want to open a store in Louvain La Neuve, they are as