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Subsidence, Drought, and Cracked Foundations

Here's under the porch. Which it's tough to see, but this is the worst crack yet. The house is actually hovering above a portion of the foundation. Suspended by the sinking on the other side of the house. One of the major problems facing Liberty (both now and into the future) with its well derived water source is subsidence, a process whereby the clay in the ground swells or shrinks based on the amount of moisture in it. Perhaps you've never heard of this concept (likely they don't want you to know), but you could be a victim of it considering the continuous droughts that have plagued Liberty in the last decade (and over-use of our wells). You may be thinking that a drought is not that big of a deal and eventually it will rain, but here in the Piedmont Triad we've built our homes upon this Carolina Clay, and because of this many buildings and structures are literally being torn apart by this swelling.    As you can see, here is the side of the house with