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For and By the Community

Among many of the community's attractions, restaurants, and business's you're sure to find a free newspaper, centered around Liberty and it's surrounding towns. Simply named, The Liberty Leader offers an array of information; there are ads of local businesses littered throughout, with few articles in between.

Cluttered with basic grammatical and spelling errors, the first headline of this month's issue celebrates the 50th anniversary of Kidd's Drive In (although the restaurant itself has been around for 66 years). While I'm a fan of the restaurant, the article is hardly legible; it seems to be written by someone's grandmother, who just so happens to be suffering from dementia.

Despite the first article being the worst written, you won't find anything more substantial, or better written. Still, I recommend you to take a look at the paper, here. I love the idea of there being a newspaper for Liberty, particularly if it's free. It's just so po…