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Bill's Pizza Pub

The architecture: part horror house, part-British pub.  Last time I went to Bill's was somewhere around 1989. Back then, pizza was a different animal. Just the idea of having a pizza restaurant within driving distance, for most of North Carolina, was to say the least, a luxury. Most venues followed the typical Pizza Hut concept of the time which involved dark dining-rooms, 45-60 minute waits for food, and a juke box in some corner. A lot has changed since then, and now the companies which set the standard for Friday nights and families getting together to talk about their week, have become the take-out $10 mediocrity which patrons scurry off in their SUVs with, to hide behind their big-screens. Where are the old-fashioned Pizza restaurants? The truth, they're in the middle of no where. For $30, I would have preferred to see the pizza fill that pan. Bill's Pizza Pub, a literal public house that at one time did serve alcohol (but no longer does) is located on Randl