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The Mystery of Big Hole Road in Chatham County

Unbeknownst to many, only twenty minutes from the outskirts of Liberty, lies a government project shrouded in secrecy. It may sound like Stranger Things in real life, but hidden on Big Hole Road near Jordan Lake, AT&T Project Office NC-1 remains active. Before you start to speculate of aliens, gravity machines, and time travel, let's do some research first.

The Project Office itself was built in the mid-1960's; featuring shock-absorbing spring foundation, steel and concrete blast doors, rubber plumbing, and tropospheric scatter antennae, a technique to send radio signals slightly farther. For security, CCTV and steel crash barriers were also erected. More recently, a moat has been dug around the complex.  The name "Big Hole" travailed from the amount of earth dug during construction, giving the project an estimated 13 underground storeys.
After completion, it is assumed that it functioned as a telephone switching center, possibly for the military AUTOVON system. Mo…