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Crossroads Grill - Siler City

The problem with Siler City is that it's not much more than a glorified highway travel plaza. I'm not trying to diminish all the effort to better the city (e.g. the arts district, etc), but Highway-64 offers very little in the way of food outside of an airport food court. I must confess that this city which (oddly enough) is home to the world's best chili cheese burger  (Johnson's) is already a unlikely place to find yourself in, and without this famous restaurant, likely, all would be lost. This will fix that headache of yours.  That said, a few of us find ourselves in this purgatory of McDonalds and Burger Kings on a daily basis. For myself, it's to chariot my two children from the local Charter School, where on occasion I wish to eat something, quickly. For me there's very little reason to eat at anywhere in Siler City than Johnson's except when they're closed. Unfortunately they're closed a lot (they close at 2 PM daily). My childre

Maria's Famous Pizza and Subs (and Greek food too)

So I'm driving by Maria's yesterday and noticed a banner that read: "$500 giveaway: " Oddly it wasn't the giveaway that sparked my interest, it was the website. "About time!" I thought. However there are several questions I have about the whole Maria's thing. Questions like: what makes it so famous? Has anything in Liberty, EVER been famous? Are people driving from miles around for this specialty pizza? Has it been on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives? Has Anthony Bourdain given it his seal of approval? Besides the obvious marketing gimmick, it's phenomenal that Maria's has managed to stay in business in such a small town, now with four pizza restaurants serving Liberty. Greek salad, with real feta cheese. As elated as I was to add their website to the site, I was disappointed when they missed the boat, and didn't add online ordering (it's fairly simple these days). Not only that, but the website, w