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Pick Your Own Strawberries at Greeson's Farm

If there's one thing that can be said about living in the Piedmont of North Carolina area, it is that we have some of the best and freshest foods available to us. Living here gives access to dozens of local farms for organic fruits and vegetables, and opportunities to go and pick your own, saving cost and guaranteeing freshness. Today we went in search of strawberries and found them in just outside of Liberty at Greeson's Strawberry farm. It's a short ten minute drive from Liberty or Greensboro where the fun of picking (or occasionally consuming) strawberries becomes a fun adventure. Greeson's strawberry farm is marked by only a few small signs, and it could be easily missed if you didn't recognize the signs of a pick your own farm. You know you've made it when you find an unusual field full of people bent over with their butts in the air and a street of cars parked up and down the road. Arriving and new to this wonderful experience, the owners provided

Kidd's Drive-in - "Comfort on a bun!"

There is always that one restaurant. The one place in every town that makes food like no where else. They don't advertise, and there's nothing fancy about it. It has great service, a kitschy decor, and unparalleled flavorful food. It's that one place people drive from miles around to come to because of its reputation. Here in Liberty, North Carolina that landmark is called Kidd's, known colloquial as "Muzzie's". There's only one location in the entire world and people drive for hours just to consume their big beefy burgers. Their chili cheeseburger and their plate lunches makes this little stop a winner with locals who make Kidd's their daily lunch stop. On any given day you can hear the wait-staff sing back hundreds of orders for this popular dish. Add sweet tea and an order of french fries, and instantly you'll be smitten with the local's favorite, and Liberty's oldest fast-food. This is a real 1950s' style diner and drive-in with

Capri's Pizza Legendary Stuffed Pizza

Capri's Pizza, Liberty NC I've traveled around the world, been to Europe and eaten a lot of great food, but when I come home to Liberty and want to order pizza I'm so lucky to live in Liberty, North Carolina and be able to walk downtown to pickup their legendary stuffed pizza. It's almost as good as being in Rome. Stuffed crust at Capri's Pizza If you're not familiar with their stuffed crust pizza, you may be scratching your head in confusion and dismay, but let me digress from my usual professional self for a moment and explain. It's not a deep-dish like Chicago, nor is it anything like a Stromboli. It's like a regular pizza with a double crust lid, but oh so much more. Capri's takes their own hand-made pizza dough and inserts their famous zingy sauce, stuffs it with pepperoni, Jersey deli sausage, ham and ricotta cheese. That's right, ricotta! It's all baked to perfection where the innards combine to form a lasagna like consist

Lake Juno Water Park and Campgrounds

Lake Juno Park sign. Family owned and operated Lake Juno has been a part of summers in Liberty for as long as I can remember. It's a great alternative to Emerald Pointe (Wet n' Wild), as there's no long lines, free parking, and admission rates are very affordable ($5 kids, $10 adults +$5 for waterslides and pool) when all you want to do is get wet and wild on those hot summer days. With acres of water slides, paddle boats, and thrilling family fun in the blue waves, Lake Juno seems to have an action packed attraction to make everyone smile. The park includes, a picnic area, paddle boats ($5), and camping ($25 a night). All this in the beautiful country side, with clear blue skies hailing down upon its patrons. The water park is continuously upgraded and improved to create an even more exciting experience every time a guest returns. Maintenance is a priority and they provide very a safe environment. The park is supervised by quality staff. The pavilion, and lake

Hurricane Jane's Chili Cheeseburger Is The Perfect Storm

The southern diet consists mainly of country ham biscuits, BBQ sandwiches, and perhaps the most distinguished comfort food: the chili cheese burger. Everyone has their own take on it, but here in Liberty there appears to be two distinct incarnations of the classic chili cheese burger. The old-fashioned traditional cheese burger at Kidd's drive-in, and the other, a wild, Velveeta topped anything goes at the local cafe Hurricane Jane's . So she created a menu with more items, including seafood, brought in local artist Edi Smith to paint an ocean mural, and renamed the restaurant Hurricane Jane’s. In addition to hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken sandwiches, Jane’s offers plates that include barbecue, steak tips, pork chops and fish. All plates include two sides. Hurricane Jane’s also offers salads, appetizers, pizza and daily specials. Every Friday, karaoke performances will be held on the patio, and bands, including one that Moore and her husband perform in, will play eve