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Homeland Creamery - The Best Ice Cream in North Carolina

Just outside of town is Homeland Creamery, is a real, working farm and ice-cream shop that I've been a fan of for years. There the world's best ice-cream is made here along with hormone free organic beef, free range eggs, and cheese, both produced there and on other local farms are for sale. Each cow if fitted with an RF microchip to track and produce the most perfect ice-cream and chocolate milk as they graze in fields of golden flowers that surround the inviting little storefront ice-cream shop. Our favorites flavors are of course the butter-pecan ice-cream, and a chocolate milkshake made from their vanilla ice-cream and chocolate milk. (You have to special request that one.) Buy some minced meat from their cold-case for hamburgers at tonight's dinner, while you make your way to their shady road-side picnic area where Jip and Belle, the farm's famous twin dogs run over to greet you. In the past the farm also hosts corn maizes, haunted trails, in addition to f