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10 Things We'd ♥ to See in Future Liberty.

10) Better Walkability: A town or cities walkability is defined by how easy it is to get to things, and how much of things are within walking distance. Liberty is already a great town with tons to walk to, but we'd love to see more. By converting streets into pedestrian only walking paths (or sharing roads by making them one way and using the other half as a sidewalk), closing Swannanoa Street through historic downtown, (can you imagine a cobblestone walk with cafe tables?) and creating a centralized town square with urban shopping, and safe walk-ways and foot paths extending out into the neighborhoods, the Town of Liberty might become more vibrant, friendlier, and definitely greener and healthier.

9) A Downtown Park: A centralized park, near businesses, and convenient for all. Not only is this functional but removing old defunct and decaying parking lots for trees, grass and recreational equipment will make downtown a place people want to go.

8) Traffic Circles: They're a hit i…