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Main Street Grill - Best Restaurant in Town

Perhaps you've done it, you've driven by a place a million times but have never stopped in. For some reason, it's always these restaurants that turn out to be the best, and you end up regretting not stopping earlier. I refused to let Main Street Grill in Staley be one of those places.

It's one of those places where pre-conceptions go right out the windows, and you love every bit of the place. I love the location, the New-York style eating ledge, the friendly services, but most of all the food. I grabbed a double chili burger with crinkle cut fries for around $6, and fell in love with it. Do I dare say that this burger is better than Kidd's or Jane's? Well, let me say this, to be completely honest, I think Kidd's puts drugs in their burgers. Kidd's is an absolute addiction of unique flavors which will always call my name. Jane's puts out a nice hearty burger with a great atmosphere, but if I'm to be truly honest, and I disregard my Kidd's cr…