Lake Juno Water Park and Campgrounds

Lake Juno Park sign.
Family owned and operated Lake Juno has been a part of summers in Liberty for as long as I can remember. It's a great alternative to Emerald Pointe (Wet n' Wild), as there's no long lines, free parking, and admission rates are very affordable ($5 kids, $10 adults +$5 for waterslides and pool) when all you want to do is get wet and wild on those hot summer days. With acres of water slides, paddle boats, and thrilling family fun in the blue waves, Lake Juno seems to have an action packed attraction to make everyone smile.

The park includes, a picnic area, paddle boats ($5), and camping ($25 a night). All this in the beautiful country side, with clear blue skies hailing down upon its patrons. The water park is continuously upgraded and improved to create an even more exciting experience every time a guest returns. Maintenance is a priority and they provide very a safe environment. The park is supervised by quality staff.

The pavilion, and lake with pool
The park is open most days during the summer, and the campground areas are open throughout the year. Church retreats, and other functions are common at the lake so call ahead of time for gate opening times and operating hours.

Telephone: (336) 685-4334

Open 10 AM to 5 PM


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