Gregson Manufacturing Company | Retro Liberty

Manufacturers of upholstered, wood office chairs and lounge seating.

Take a seat and jump back in time with this retro cool matchbook cover for Liberty's own Gregson Manufacturing Company featuring their XL Series office chairs. Founded in 1921 by Barnie J. Gregson, the matchbook cover could have been written by the President himself, "Most in Quality.... Most Reasonable Prices". However, this was back when the area code was still 919 and white shag carpet filled the living rooms.
Gregson chairs are designed and styled to add a warm, simple elegance to the architecture of the modern office. Each series is complete with a chair for every use. And there is a series exactly right forevery office - modest or luxurious. The most in Quality and Comfort at the most reasonable prices. [sic]
The Gregson family lived in Liberty for over five decades with Barnie's children, Joseph and Dwight joining the company. Joseph was known around town as a volunteer fire fighter and avid golfer who frequented the Sedgefield Country Club.

The company originally began as a manufacturing company for wagon parts but found a market for producing cane-bottom chairs. By 1928, the company was acquired and merged with the Standard School Equipment Company and quickly became known for institutional and office furniture.


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