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What does Piedmont Mean?

So the other day I was sitting in class waiting for the professor to come in when a young man, a student of European origination, with his foreign accent, said the word "piedmont", pronouncing it "Pee-ed-d Moount". Considering this was college, and the conservative south, where we suggest anyone who is living here to "learn English or go home!"; I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone heckled the poor lad by saying "We pronounce it Piedmont!" Now this bothered me some, because clearly the heckler was wrong. In fact the student from Europe was more right, from my perspective, than the person who may have been hinting at the foreigner's ignorance. So I turned around and while trying to be as humble as possible, I asked the heckler what she thought the word Piedmont meant.

I think she assumed I was stupid at that point, rather than grasping my attempt to lead her to enlightenment as she said to me "Girl, it's right here,…