Hurricane Jane's Chili Cheeseburger Is The Perfect Storm

The southern diet consists mainly of country ham biscuits, BBQ sandwiches, and perhaps the most distinguished comfort food: the chili cheese burger. Everyone has their own take on it, but here in Liberty there appears to be two distinct incarnations of the classic chili cheese burger. The old-fashioned traditional cheese burger at Kidd's drive-in, and the other, a wild, Velveeta topped anything goes at the local cafe Hurricane Jane's.

So she created a menu with more items, including seafood, brought in local artist Edi Smith to paint an ocean mural, and renamed the restaurant Hurricane Jane’s.

In addition to hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken sandwiches, Jane’s offers plates that include barbecue, steak tips, pork chops and fish. All plates include two sides. Hurricane Jane’s also offers salads, appetizers, pizza and daily specials.

Every Friday, karaoke performances will be held on the patio, and bands, including one that Moore and her husband perform in, will play every third Friday. Shag lessons also are planned. --Via News & Record

Tragically, I previously had rode by the place on several bike rides without stopping, but today... for grins and giggles, we stopped in. We were met by Hurricane Jane's owner Jane (who would have guessed?) whom was super friendly and took our order. This place is definitely unique. Here in the rather unlikely of places is a palm tree tropical themed burger cafe whose flamboyant atmosphere beckons hungry stomachs to its unique food. It gets even more interesting as you walk in the front door and find you're standing in a up-and-coming art gallery. Chili-philes who are veterans of Jane's know to use the side door where you enter the secret world of burger utopia, a cozy cafe reminiscent of back door bars and bands of days gone by.

Sit down and order up. I was drawn to the double cheeseburger for $5 which includes a drink followed by a massive heap of chili-cheese fries. (Additional $3.85) Portions are huge, the cost is low, service is friendly.... and they even offer karaoke and alcohol to make company meetings at Jane's cabana the stuff of legends in company lore. There is one small problem. No credit cards. In a world almost now void of cash, it strikes me weird any new restaurant to Liberty wouldn't take good ole American plastic. It's however, worth a run to the ATM though.

When the food arrives you're met with a skyscraper of gooey meat, melted cheese, and scrumptious toppings of your choice. It's greasy mess of love and burger that size wise leaves smaller appetites trembling in fear. Then there's the matter of the cheese: Velveeta. Consider it like the Category 5 topping upon your burgerscape. While I'll still crave my traditional incarnation of the local chili-cheeseburger, Hurricane Jane's is a rather perfect storm upon the Town of Liberty.

I highly recommend if you're a chili-cheeseburger aficionado visiting Hurricane Jane's and picking up a "double" and some chili-cheese fries.

Hurricane Jane’s Chili Burger Utopia
161 S. Greensboro St
Liberty, NC

FYI, there's a menu on the dining page, here.


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