Kidd's Drive-in - "Comfort on a bun!"

There is always that one restaurant. The one place in every town that makes food like no where else. They don't advertise, and there's nothing fancy about it. It has great service, a kitschy decor, and unparalleled flavorful food. It's that one place people drive from miles around to come to because of its reputation. Here in Liberty, North Carolina that landmark is called Kidd's, known colloquial as "Muzzie's". There's only one location in the entire world and people drive for hours just to consume their big beefy burgers.

Their chili cheeseburger and their plate lunches makes this little stop a winner with locals who make Kidd's their daily lunch stop. On any given day you can hear the wait-staff sing back hundreds of orders for this popular dish. Add sweet tea and an order of french fries, and instantly you'll be smitten with the local's favorite, and Liberty's oldest fast-food.

This is a real 1950s' style diner and drive-in with 1950 style hamburgers that make each bite count unlike the mediocrity of modern day burger chains. It's niche craving, southern comfort food, grilled the same way for the last fifty years. Call it comfort on a bun.

Say "all the way" and you'll get mustard, chili, onions and slaw. Order a fry and a drink and it costs just a tad over $5. Also great is their BLTs. The tomatoes, sweet chopped onions, and veggies are often locally grown and fresh daily.

Kidd's Drive-In
171 S. Greensboro St
Liberty, NC 27298

(336) 622-4338


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