Pick Your Own Strawberries at Greeson's Farm

If there's one thing that can be said about living in the Piedmont of North Carolina area, it is that we have some of the best and freshest foods available to us. Living here gives access to dozens of local farms for organic fruits and vegetables, and opportunities to go and pick your own, saving cost and guaranteeing freshness. Today we went in search of strawberries and found them in just outside of Liberty at Greeson's Strawberry farm. It's a short ten minute drive from Liberty or Greensboro where the fun of picking (or occasionally consuming) strawberries becomes a fun adventure.

Greeson's strawberry farm is marked by only a few small signs, and it could be easily missed if you didn't recognize the signs of a pick your own farm. You know you've made it when you find an unusual field full of people bent over with their butts in the air and a street of cars parked up and down the road.

Arriving and new to this wonderful experience, the owners provided us buckets and led us to our own personal row of ripe red strawberries. A few seconds later and the picking begins, not to mention, the occasional taste test. Generally this would be considered a family fun event, however, since the Children basically leave covered in red strawberry juice from consuming huge amount of these addictive berries, I would definitely suggest be ready to do all the picking for the "take home" portion of your pickings. The kids will probably pass out from fruit overdose half way down the row.

I recommend getting an early start since the heat and sun can certainly effect your capability for large scale strawberry procurement.

Checking out is a breeze, well that is if you can get your buckets (and kids) up to the check out table. There they will weigh your treats and place them in a box for you to take home. At the time of this posting we paid just under dollar a pound. Which if you consider the fact the local grocery store is charging almost four times that, it becomes a great deal. The best part is getting these puppies home and trying to figure out what to do with ten pounds of strawberries.

Greeson's Strawberries
When: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 7:30am - 7:30pm April 25th - October 15th
Where: 5164 Watchtower Rd, Julian, NC
Contact: (336) 685-0360


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