Pick Your Own Blueberries (and Pineapple Cake too)

Pick your own Blueberries in North Carolina? YES!

We've been picking our own strawberries for years at Greeson's, but recently we stumbled upon a place where you can pick your own blueberries. Not only can you pick them right off the vine, but they have several other home-made products that will blow your mind (ice-cream, cakes, squishees). Well worth a lazy-day's drive, thirty miles into the country in my opinion.

The place? Millstone Creek Orchards, near Ramseur, NC. It's a little farm in the middle of nowhere, that sells touristy style, farm-fresh foods, but are really darn good. My favorite? Organic real-juice raspberry and apple cider slushies. They're out of this world, and perfect for these hot-summer days. You will get brain freeze, but that's part of the fun! Check their facebook page for picking "forecasts", and enjoy the freshest fruits you've ever picked.

Most delicious pineapple cake I've ever eaten.

Millstone literally has the family grandma stashed in the back somewhere turning out cakes. These won't win any awards for looks, but they're home-made, full-fat, and completely delicious. The pineapple cake it out of this world. In a world of store-bought, factory made cakes, the concept of driving to a farm, buying a home-made cake from someones grandma is absolutely unheard of (and sort of cool).

So what are you waiting for? Hop in the car, and pop on down to Millstone Creek and pick some blueberries, grab a slushy, and take home a cake. It's a day-trip of fun that might become your secret hot-spot for farm-fresh fun.


  1. I love blueberries, we have it on our yard so it's easy for me to bake a cake anytime I want.


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