Apple Cider Organic Squishees at Millstone Creek Orchards

Found my new summer hot-spot for cold drinks at the most unusual of places: Millstone Creek Orchards. It's a pick-your-own blueberry and apple orchard with swinging tires in the trees, honey on the shelves, and the best part of it all: organic, all-juice, no-sugar added squishees (also known as Icees or slushies).

These aren't your Kool-Aid version, they're made from the fruit on premise (we assume) and are considerably better tasting and healthy for you. If only we would have brought that airplane sized vodka with us, we would have been making mixed-iced-drinks on the way home.

Last time I popped in I grabbed a blue raspberry squishee and it was out of this world, and I wished I would have ordered two. However from time to time (like this Friday, Saturday and Sunday) they're whipping up some Apple Cider squishees which I highly recommend you grab, while you can.

Now they do sell other things too, and I'm certain they're awesome too, it's just that  I'm a huge fan of their squishees. It's a rather unique road-side attraction which is just down the road from Liberty on Brown's Crossroads. They're priced right, and cold on these blistery summer days.


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