Everything Under The Bun | Asheboro

I asked about chili-cheese fries, and was advised against it.
That's almost unpatriotic in Randolph County. 
So the other day, I had the opportunity to visit Everything Under The Bun in Asheboro. It's near the Zoo (It's actually on the Zoo Parkway.) in the corner location of strip mall.  I've read the newspaper reviews, and I thought I'd give it a try. It's an interesting concept: gourmet burgers, served fast food style, in a southern cafe. They even have a Burger Challenge (see below) in which those who wish to bring glory (or dishonor) to themselves (or too poor to afford dinner) and can down a three-pound cheeseburger, fries and drink are rewarded with a free meal. Lose and you're out $22.

Definitely not my dinner, but this is the
burger challenge. Only a few in NC can do it.
     I opted for the slightly less debilitating lunch, a bleu cheese, bacon cheeseburger. Perhaps it's just because I like saying "bleu" (blewww") with my nose in the air. The teenage waitress looked back at me disgruntled. We were the only family in the entire restaurant. While the service was adequate and nice, the "you-not-from-around-here" look, which I'm familiar with, even within my own neighborhood, was reminiscent of some rural reality show. The place sounds exciting with it's unheard of burgers, hand-ground beef, and fresh-cut fries, (the fries were really good) but something lacked upon first taste. It was as though the concept is great, but at least in the case of my burger, it lacked the finesse of a trained cook. The meat seemed very lean, and lacked both flavor and juice. The lack of sauce made it a very dry burger, and the tomatoes seemed un-ripe. The cheese was minuscule and failed to compensate the need for flavor. It wasn't a bad burger, just average. My date on the other hand, completely loved her burger with a fried green tomatoes, and goat cheese. That said, I'd go back, but I'd try something else.

It could be fixed though. Add some mayonnaise, season some better beef, and butter then toast the buns- would be a great start. Then again, without the right beef, what is a burger restaurant? I want a 1/4 pound of grease dripping, condiment covered cheeseburger with an abundance of cheese. Whether goat, bleu, or traditional yellow: sauce and cheese is what makes food gourmet, and Everything Under The Bun has a deficit of it.


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