Crossroads Grill - Siler City

The problem with Siler City is that it's not much more than a glorified highway travel plaza. I'm not trying to diminish all the effort to better the city (e.g. the arts district, etc), but Highway-64 offers very little in the way of food outside of an airport food court. I must confess that this city which (oddly enough) is home to the world's best chili cheese burger (Johnson's) is already a unlikely place to find yourself in, and without this famous restaurant, likely, all would be lost.

This will fix that headache of yours.

 That said, a few of us find ourselves in this purgatory of McDonalds and Burger Kings on a daily basis. For myself, it's to chariot my two children from the local Charter School, where on occasion I wish to eat something, quickly. For me there's very little reason to eat at anywhere in Siler City than Johnson's except when they're closed. Unfortunately they're closed a lot (they close at 2 PM daily). My children who exit their fine academic institution around three o'clock each day presents me with a gastronomic dilemma: do I ignore the hunger, or capitulate and buy something to eat which serves little purpose other than encouraging my own self-hatred from tasteless, overpriced food chains?

Bacon, lettuce, and tomato.

The real problem is when you've got to eat, when it's practically a medical emergency. When you wake up with a hangover, your head is pounding, and you've practically overdosed on Advil. You need something greasy, something gooey, something with a chili soaked bun that's going to make everything okay again. When you find yourself in this situation, and Johnson's is closed, thankfully Crossroads Grill is there to save you. It's not a place you want to make your daily lunch stop (you'd likely die if you did), but in those times of weakness and need, it'll be your savior.

Some really great seasoned fat fries.

Interestingly, there's very little on the web about this little single drive-thru, slapped on the side of a tiny tile and glass photomat building except for that they're known for their chili-dogs. They serve your typical southern style hamburgers and hot-dogs with good but plain chili, onions, mustard, and slaw. They also have other foods like BLTs, steak and cheese, and fried okra. It's not the best food I've ever had, and it's definitely not Johnson's, but compared to my other local options: it's phenomenal. It's cheap, greasy, and better than anything you'll find at Wendy's. In fact the best part of the whole place is that the tourists completely pass by the place for McDo's ten minute wait of a drive-thru, while locals nosh on the quiet outdoor patio of Crossroads, which is ran by real humans who actually care about customer service (yes I'm talking about you, you Wendy's mood-killers).

The Menu
So next time you're in Siler City, and want a huge chunk of cardiac plugging cheese and meat, I highly recommend a double bacon chili cheeseburger from Crosssroads Grill


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