Asheboro's The Table Restaurant

After no sleep on Wednesday, flying from Dallas to Raleigh on my birthday I curled up in my chair with a blanket and passed out and in of consciousness while my family delivered me birthday cake and take-out.  The next day after I recovered, we celebrated and drove down to Asheboro for lunch at The Table Farmhouse Bakery.

The Table is completely out of place in Asheboro both in its style and quality of food. It is, however, a most welcomed anomaly in Randolph County's barren gastronomical diversity. The closest thing this place comes to is La Farm in Cary, but to suggest that this is a French cafe, would be a careless character assassination in a city of confederate flags, pimento cheese, and Freedom Fries. In fact, I'm not even sure where their clientele come from. Their customers look nothing like the typical Randolph County demographic with their fancy business attire and BMWs in the parking lot. Two miles down the road at Wal-Mart someone is buying canned ham to fry and Twinkies for dessert, dressed in neon yellow leggings and a tube top, but at The Table there are individuals drinking $6 lattes, and taking home fresh bread wrapped in paper and tied with strings (ok adhesive tape, but you get the point). How is this even possible?

While I will admit La Farm has my heart when it comes to quality, taste and atmosphere; The Table is absolutely amazing when you consider where it's located. It's in a renovated building with a funky, wild decor that's both classic and chic. The food is fresh, and very unique; though I found the menu choices lack a certain definitive focus. There are burgers, and Cubanos (Cuban sandwich), then there's ham and cheese. I was looking for a Croque Madam, but became overwhelmed and confused by what was notable and what was novelty. While everything was good that I had, the truth is, I couldn't find amazing on this visit. That's not a complaint, just a criticism. The truffle fries were perfect, and the bread was out of this world, but the pastries we tried lacked the flavor and texture of those I've had at La Farm or in Europe.

Would I go again? Hell yes! This place is wonderful! To be just a few miles from home makes it a fun place to go for a great meal.  I think I need to keep searching this place for that perfect combination, with each visit. I immediately regretted not getting their ham and cheese, but what I'd really love to see is frite filled Croque Madams, or lamb and fry baguettes with Cafe Mochas; however, what you get is absolutely fantastic for Asheboro, NC.


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