Dog Laws and Tethering.

This is an example of a dog being tethered outside permanently. The collar/chain, embedded itself into
the skin of the animal.
Let's talk about a sensitive subject: dogs. Especially as we approach the Christmas season and many children (and adults) may find a cute puppy under their tree. A lot of people consider pets disposable products, but they're not. In fact this mindset has caused an epidemic in Liberty. My entire street is filled with dogs, most of which are tethered permanently outside to trees, stakes, or other apparatuses. What is the purpose of owning a dog if you're going to leave it outside, chained to an eight foot circle its whole life? What possible benefit to your life, does owning this creature, if you're never in contact with it, except maybe to feed it? These dogs violate sound laws every night, barking constantly, they're forced to suffer through rain, ice, and snow, and many of them never see a veterinarian. The cost of owning a pet is incredibly expensive. It's been estimated the cost is $75 to several hundred dollars a month. If you're not spending this kind of money (on average), then likely, you're not properly caring for your pet, and should take some time to reflect on your own practices. They need grooming, good food, a warm, dry habitat, exercise  and most of all LOVE.

To my knowledge, Liberty's laws include only the need for a four-sided shelter.

In addition, because so many citizens are guilty of violating sound ordinances with their pets, most of us choose not to report others to the police. In my case, I wish not to cause a row (an argument). However, it's a huge problem. The fecal matter alone from these pets, that they wallow in causes diseases in humans and pets. If the purpose of a government (e.g. the mayor, and counsel) is to protect, and serve its citizens, then on this matter they have failed (or simply chosen to ignore) to engage in protecting civil health.

The question is what will Liberty do about it?

What they should do is pass an anti-tethering law immediately. Many states and cities have done so:

This would solve many problems immediately. Further more, greater enforcement of sound ordinances in the evening hours would benefit many, including my own ability to sleep. Leash law enforcement is absolutely necessary.

I would encourage laws aimed at cheap licenses, enforcing chipping (data embedded into animal) and other pro-active actions to encourage proper pet care and ownership.

Owning a pet is not a right, it's a privileged and should be treated as one. Ownership should be afforded and earned, and the privilege should be withdrawn by local authorities if owners are incapable of their responsibilities.

In addition we should encourage local restaurants to have outside seating, and encourage citizens to take dogs for walks to dinner and/or lunch. Add dog-parks to the local parks and expand the animal culture from the negative to the positive.

Pets are great, love them, cherish them, and they will give you everything back you give.


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