Acre Burger at Elois Restaurant in Bear Creek, NC

The Acre Burger: 12 Ounces of beef, all-the-way with mustard, chili, onion, & slaw

Five words to describe the Daddy Acre Burger (yes that's what it's called) at Elois: EPIC, AWESOME, AMAZING, DELICIOUS, HUGE!

Still not sure how to pronounce it. E-lois, or Eloise?
It's a choke-and-puke on US-421, just south of Siler City, and they have the most incredible burger in the world. Screw Diner's Drive-In's & Dives,  this is truck-stops, grease-pits and cardiac arrest food of exponential epic proportions. It's 12 ounces of beef, covered in greasy drippy cheese, chili, and condiments. Cut it in half and you could still feed a pre-school, it's the burger you want, when YOU LOVE cheeseburgers and the dainty normal size of most hamburger shops leave you longing for more.

It's keeps coming though, with five types of fries (regular, seasoned, tots, home-fries, or steak fries), and homemade dessert (like peach cobbler or brownies and cream). There's unlimited sweet tea, and you can even take home a jar of honey with real honeycomb. Our two burgers and teas came to just under $20 (and they even take credit-cards which is a rare thing around here), which makes this ultimate North Carolina burger the deal of the decade. I'm going to crave this place in my sleep.

I swear I've seen this place in a move before.
When I lived in Europe and I described to friends where I lived (in the U.S.), no one believed me that people are the way they are here. Showing up at Elois made me feel like I was trapped in a Nicolas Cage movie. Three crosses align the highway across the street from which church music is pumped into the farm fields. One customer was talking with another customer how "them coloreds" have to assimilate to our culture. The waitress calls everyone sweetie, and she kept calling the cook "Granny". I'm not saying it's a perfect world, or that Elois shares the same mis-use of political (correctness) ideals as the customers did, but it's uniquely American- take it or leave it, this is where I live, and while there is always an unfortunate side to living in the country- the upswing is the darn good food, and the comedy value of people stuck in 19th century. Either way I highly recommend every diverse person to descend upon Bear Creek for one awesome chili-cheese burger, and to bring some color into these peoples' lives at the same time.


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