Rufus Burger - Goldston, NC

Party On at Rufus's Restaurant in Goldston, NC

Certain southern names conjure up some rather peculiar thoughts in my head. For instance, the name Rufus. My American tendencies recall Rufus from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, and a time travelling comedian played by George Carlin who said "life's worth losing", and admitted to eating "fast-food in the slow lane". Such is my life these days, looking for adventure among the pastures and farm-lands of Randolph and Chatham county. I've been spreading out, and discovering a very important fact about this area: that this place is ground zero for the best burgers in the country. Whether it's Kidd's  or Jane's in Liberty, Johnson's (still my top pick), or Chris's in Siler City, or now one of my new favorites: Rufus's, they all put out one darn fine southern style burger.

Today we drove about 25 miles south of Liberty (on 421)  to a town called Goldston, which if you can imagine it, is actually smaller than Liberty. A lone house converted to a dinner sit at 1977 North Main Street, and serves a chili burger so close to dethroning my first pick for number one, that it makes it well worth the trip for a Rufus Burger.

The burger drips with grease and chili (like it should) with its double patty, grilled bread, fresh veggies, and tangy mustard. It's fresh, home-made, and scores high in value as one burger is enough to fill you up without leaving you broke (around $5).

They're open 10-2 and the place is decorated in Pepsi paraphernalia. You'll probably have to park across the street in the grass, but if you find a seat, order up a giant Rufus Burger (My pick is: mustard, chili, onion, lettuce and tomato). The burgers dwarf almost any other I've had, and the fries are done to perfection, similarly to some of the Belgian frite shops in Belgium. Soda comes in a can, it's cash only, and the desserts which change daily are home-made filled with butter, and southern charm. We grabbed some Dirt Pie, and strawberry cheesecake for the road and were very happy campers.

Rufus's restaurant is a cliche of American, it's kitsch, something out of a movie or a diner you'd see on Food Network as one of those must visit North Carolina restaurants. If you're anywhere, even remotely near to the place, pop in, and have a listen. You'll find out about the local softball team, who is selling cows, and meet the entire Goldston Fire department while chowing down on what has to be one of the best burgers in North Carolina!


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