Is Liberty, Main Street for Hollywood?

According to IMDB, Liberty now has four movies to its fame, as filming locations. The most popular still being Dick Clark's 'Killer Three', and the 1992 Stephen King sequel, 'Children of The Corn II: The Final Sacrifice.' Of course back then in the olden days, a more traditional rift divided town opinion:

Children of the Corn II
Shot in an incredible 23 days in the corn fields of Liberty, NC; director David Price has expressed enjoyment in filming within a small town. David says "there's no red tape involved and people are eager to get involved with the production. Everyone was treated like a celebrity. Everyone was asked for their autograph. We had production assistants who were asked for their autographs."

He also states the downsides of filming in a small town. Liberty refused to let him use any of the existing churches during filming. Set designers had to build a church of their own for production. Citizen's of Liberty wrote angry letters to the paper complaining about the "devil worshippers making movies about 'demon children.'" During filming production was postponed due to an approaching hurricane, resulting in flash flood storms and 100+ degree weather.

Having worked in the film industry personally, I can say Liberty is the perfect back drop for Hollywood. Even more than just the horror genre, which we seem to get type-casted as. We are Main Street for America. This could be a serious source of revenue for the town, and its revitalization effort. Perhaps Liberty needs to get its own Hollywood agent?


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