Basil - Thai To Go

Liberty, North Carolina: just the town you would expect to find small-town diners and drive-ins. Anything too foreign or unconventional would come as a surprise to anyone passing through, let alone anyone who lives here. Tucked away, however, is Basil's Thai To Go.

I drive along Old 421 every day to Siler City, passing by the little restaurant. For whatever reason, I had never given it much thought, until carpooling one day when a friend asked about it. 

Later that night, I decided to try it. After searching for information online, I found the restaurant's Facebook page. I called and placed an order of KraProw Fettuccine, as well as some Coconut soup. After 20 minutes, I picked up my order. I was welcomed with great customer service and my warm food; I was even given free Spring Rolls.

Once home, I opened the package and was greeted with the delightful scent of the food. I quickly and thoroughly enjoyed my meal, savoring the nice balance between spice and sweet. I was more than full afterward.

I recommend Basil's to everyone who has not tried it yet; it is definitely my new local favorite. They serve a large selection of Asian food too, not just Thai. You can find their menu and phone number below. Although I picked my food up, they also have a nice area where you can dine in.

Phone Number - (336) 622-4691


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