Rollie Burgers at Chris's Drive-In, Siler City

Rollie, Rollie, Rollie, Rollie. Rollie Burger

So just twelve short minutes from downtown Liberty is Siler City. We can just call it a suburb as far as I'm concerned. That said, there's considerable debate about a particular burger from Chris's Drive-In, situated on the back streets (North Second) of the old-town less frequented by the newer US-64 traffic. The conundrum is the Rollie Burger.

Is it pronounced Roll-EE or R'Ollie? I turned to my lunch partner last week after she continuously pronounced it the later of the two (similar to Raleigh) ways, and explained to her it's a drive-in, and "there's a lowered S-10 with a V-8 and fuel cell parked out front, IT'S ROLLIE (like roll-E)". She disagreed. The debate continues till today.
Does sort of look like a drive-in snack bar, doesn't it?

What we didn't debate was how much we loved the Rollie Burger or Chris's Drive-In, though I will admit it's a bit of a weird take on my whole Velveeta burger love. The burger is fabulous though they seem to be in some cheese deficit there. Much thinner cuts of the cheese compared to our number one pick: Johnson's, and the chili-cheese fries seemed to be diluted with milk or cream. Interestingly you end up with something similar to macaroni style cheesy fries. I'll be honest I had never seen anyone do anything like this before, and it was good, but, just not as good as Johnson's.

If this sounds like your thing, there are some other rather high-points Chris's has that some of you will love. One is they have crinkle cut fries. For some of you, having a nostalgic yearning for high-school fries, this will be your calling. I still prefer thick or thin cut fast-food fries, but I realize some of you prefer it ribbed for your pleasure.
These are the oddest chili-cheese fries I've ever had. Yet oddly good.

The other up-side is the lemonade. It's probably powdered based, but with temperatures approaching 90F here in the south, it's a fresh of breath air compared to the usual refreshments of tea and soda.

While the Rollie Burger did seem confusing to order, it pretty much seems you can order it how you want. It's larger than their competition and filled with two partially overlapping patties. A lack of seasoning made me salt and pepper my burger at the table (an easy fix), but overall, it's a much better lunch than fast-food chains, and though it lacks the refinement or quality of Johnson's Burger, I'd say it comes in at a close second within Siler City's limits.


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