Damn Good BBQ & Burgers: Allen & Son's BBQ

Kids had a camping trip out at Lake Jordan, so we stopped on the 501 in Pittsboro at a little house tucked on the side of a ridge in the middle of nowhere for lunch. The place: Allen & Son's BBQ.

It's about 50 minutes from Liberty, but well worth the drive. It's a old home on the side of the road with a pick-up window in the front of the house (perfect for those drives home from RDU), and a dining room in the back. Here they sell one of the best darn double cheeseburgers and homemade BBQ you can find. Hand cut fresh French fries, fresh squeezed lemonade, and homemade buns make this an insanely cool place that people literally pull over on the side of the road and eat.

It's cash only, and about $10 a person, but my double cheeseburger was HUGE, as were the platters. I'd grab a bottle of their BBQ vinaigrette sauce even if you don't order the BBQ and slather it all over the burger and fries too. It's out of this world!

The food was tasty, greasy and yummy, but they were busy at the lunch hour rush, and the lack of refills on the lemonade, did make me wish this along with the very outdated decor inside should be changed. The hot-pant wearing waitress was overwhelmed with a health-inspection at the same time, which may have led to some delays, but it didn't thwart the customers from breaking down the doors for the food.

I'd definitely recommend the place, but be sure to grab the sauce, that's what really makes this place hot!


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