The Best Hike in North Carolina | Eight Oaks Trail

If you love hiking, (and who doesn't?) You'll love Liberty!

Remember the movie 'Back to The Future', where old man Peabody was so infatuated with pine trees that they named the mall after the twin pines on his farm? Of course by the end of the film, the mall was named Lone Pine Mall to reflect its altered past. Liberty has its own fascination with trees. From the town seal, to Eight Oaks Trail,  it's no wonder we say "It's a Nice Place to Live" just like Hill Valley.

Eight Oaks Trail is located at Freedom Park and encompasses a near one mile loop, through the forest that's ever changing. It's the best hike in Liberty as far as we're concerned. Filled with wildlife, and plants of every variety; be sure to bring your hiking shoes as the varying terrain, and treacherous foot path can range from simple to extreme. Deer, and and squirrels have been known to visit hikers upon their journey through this enchanted trek which lasts about forty-five minutes. Along the way you can check off the eight different oak trees found throughout the trail, but keep an eye out for the dangerous copperhead or diamondback rattlesnake that's poisonous and may get cranky if you disturb their happy lives in the wilderness.

Since Eight Oaks Trail is at the park, why not make a day of it by picking up some pork shoulder and grilling it in one of the two picnic shelters. Tacos make the perfect hiking food:

After lunch and a few games in the park it's off down the trail we go, on the best hike in North Carolina!

Welcome to Eight Oaks Trails

Inside the trail's labyrinth a whole different world exists!

The canopy.

Surprises around every bend!

The Emerald City is just a metaphor.

Bridges and board-walks keep you from
 stepping on butterflies and changing the past.

Since this trail is secluded, be reminded that cellular phones or hand-held GPS devices may not always work. Be sure to bring lots of water, and bug repellent is recommended as well as a digital camera.


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