Should the Daniel Boone Marker be restored?

Daniel Boon Marker in Staley, NC
If you didn't know, Liberty once home to Daniel Boone marker number thirty-two. It was destroyed in the famous 1959 car wreck, and was never replaced. It could be duplicated, and restored if the town chose to restore its historical marker to downtown. I can't think of any better way to embrace the past, than restore it in the future, personally.

Dedicated around 1929 and destroyed in a car wreck in 1959. Liberty is the official home of Daniel Boone marker 32. Once located on the corner of Greensboro and Fayetteville Streets, the monument is one of 358 erected between 1913-1938 by the Boone Trail Highway and Memorial Association. Designed to persuade legislators to improve North Carolina Highways, it eventually would represent memorial, patriotic, and educational objectives nationwide. 

For the record, Staley's Boone marker still stands, near the railroad tracks in the center of the town.


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