A Tale of Two Parks.

Liberty is lucky enough to have two main parks available for residents, and a third many don't know about. In fact we'd love to see more city property be converted into usable recreation space for citizens such as the lower Reitzel water pumping station at the end of Fairview street. What a great place for a soccer field or baseball field. Communal spaces, and great places to meet your neighbors is the recipe for a great community. Of course everyone is familiar with Freedom Park:

Established in 1976, made possible by a gift of twenty-two acres from TexFi Industries, INC. Freedom Park is the largest of Liberty's Natural parks.

Located just north of downtown Liberty, the park is home to our town sports center. Open daily to the public, it features a newly renovated playground for the kids, shade trees and picnic tables for the adults. With several nature trails for your walking pleasure you'll be sure to experience a freedom like no other here. Other amenities include: basketball and tennis courts, horseshoe pits, and baseball and soccer fields.

For special events a indoor/outdoor shelter with bathrooms can be reserved. During certain events a concession stand is open with food and drinks.

Of course my favorite park is the more central Paul Henry Smith Park:

Established in 1971, made possible by a donation from the Liberty Home Demonstration Club in memory of Mayor Paul Henry Smith, former Mayor of Liberty.

Located centrally a few blocks west of downtown Liberty, the functional park also serves as a memorial for the former Mayor it is named for. Open to the public daily, a recently renovated playground, picnic tables, baseball field, and basketball courts make family fun as easy as hop, skip and a jump away.

For special events a covered shelter and tables with restrooms can be reserved.

There is of course the lesser known Depot Park, downtown. At the current moment the park is simply a garden area with a bench, but we long for the day a meandering path allows citizens to traverse the town without having to walk on or next to roads.

Liberty Parks and Recreation Department
Martin Rierson, Director
(336) 622-3955
128 S Fayetteville St
PO Box 1006
Liberty, NC 27298

Summer: 7AM - 11PM
Winter: 7AM - SUNSET


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